Guest Information

East Lake enjoys the privilege of hosting many guests of members throughout the year. The following policies are to be used as a guideline during your visit to the Club.


Tipping is not necessary at East Lake Golf Club. However, should you decide to tip one of our employees, it is permissible under Club rules.  Please see any member of the Golf Staff for gratuity guidelines for our caddie team. For food & beverage purchases, gratuity is automatically added to each transaction.


Golf attire is permissible in all areas of the Clubhouse except at evening events where participants have been advised that the wearing of jackets, or appropriate dinner attire for women, is required.

Shorts are permitted but styling must be in line with what is commonly referred to as “golf attire”.  Please no cargo shorts. All golfers are requested to remove hats inside the Clubhouse and have the hat bills facing forward when worn outside.  Shirts should remain tucked in at all times.

Upon completion of play, members and guests are permitted to change from golf attire into country club casual attire, which includes denim.  Country Club appropriate denim is defined as properly sized, in excellent condition, and consistent in color. Country Club appropriate denim does not include holes or rips, frayed material, denim shorts, work type denim shirts, bibs, painter pants, or jeans that are worn extremely low cut. Tasteful and appropriate shirts and shoes must be worn. Shirts should be tucked in unless tailored for outside wear.

Members are encouraged to consider common sense, respect for tradition, modesty, and the comfort of fellow members and their guests when making casual-attire decisions. We prefer our members dress-up rather than dress-down when visiting the Club. While we expect that members will use good taste and judgment, Club Management will discreetly review any inappropriate casual attire decisions directly with the member to ensure that the Club maintains a casual environment that is enjoyable for everyone.

Golf Club Shipping

Guests who wish to ship their golf clubs to East Lake for their round of golf may do so via Ship Sticks using the link HERE.

Golf Course

East Lake is a walking-only golf club. Golf Carts are available only to those who have a State Issued Handicap Certificate.

The pace of play for groups of 4 at East Lake is 4 ½ hours.

Golf Bags

There is a 25-pound weight limit on golf bags. Should a golf bag exceeds this limit, a lighter weight bag may be substituted at no charge.


Cellular Phone conversations are not permitted on the Golf Course or in the Clubhouse, except in private rooms.