Guest Information

East Lake Golf Club

The following guidelines apply to guests of Members:


Golf attire is permissible in all areas of the Clubhouse. (Slacks or Bermuda-length shorts and collared shirts or sweaters).  Caps should be worn facing forward and shirt tails should be tucked in. Golfers are requested to remove hats inside the Clubhouse.

On Arrival

After driving through the entrance gate, proceed to the front of the Clubhouse, where you will drop your bag and leave your vehicle for valet service. Proceed to the Golf Shop where you will check in with the Golf Shop staff.

Locker Service

We ask that all shoe and/or clothing changes be made in the Locker Room. A full service Locker Room is available for your convenience.

Golf Course

East Lake is an all walking facility. All players must walk the course and be accompanied by a caddie. (Golf Carts are available only to those who have a State Issued Handicap Certificate, weather permitting). The pace of play for groups of 4 at East Lake is 4 ½ hours.


Tipping is not necessary at East Lake Golf Club. However, should you decide to tip one of our employees, it is permissible under Club rules.  For our caddies, the Club recommends $40 — $60 per bag for a job well done. For food & beverage purchases, gratuity is automatically added to each transaction.

Cell Phones

Voice communication on cell phones is not permitted on the golf course or in common areas of the Club, including The Grill Room and Great Hall. Members and guests may receive and send text messages and e-mails, and may surf the web on mobile devices provided that no voice communication takes place and that the device's speaker and/or ringing mechanism is silenced.